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Clean Fuels National Awarded United States Patent

November 29, 2016 is a monumental day for Clean Fuels National. On this date, Clean Fuels National was issued a patent from the United States Patent and Trademark Office for our company’s: “Method of Removing Phase Separated Fuel From Underground And Above-Ground Storage Tanks.” This patent is unique to Clean Fuels National as we are the only company in the entire United States of America who may clean fuel tanks in the manner that we do. More simply put, anyone who attempts to use our patented cleaning method—regardless of the manner in which they do it—is in violation of the patent and may, therefore, be liable for patent infringement. Our patent is issued by the United States Patent and Trademark Office; we take a great deal of pride in having procured this distinction; and we will never allow another company to encroach upon it. True, other countries do issue patents and, likewise, these patents must be adhered to. For instance, if we were to extend our area of service internationally, Clean Fuels National would certainly respect and adhere to the patent specific to that country—it’s no different than the patent requirements in the USA. In other words, patents are “country specific” in every country throughout the world. That said, it must be noted that since being awarded our patent in November 2016, we have remediated millions upon millions of phase-separated fuel—not to mention millions of gallons more prior to the patent formally being issued. Before phase remediation, phased fuel was lost fuel; therefore, the unsellable fuel had to be disposed of, causing a financial strain to the site owners and, more importantly, an immeasurable ecological strain on the environment. Obviously, the need for the Clean Fuels National patent was there; and, selfishly yet altruistically, we went out and got it. And the results speak for themselves. Yes, we are very proud of this patent—as well we should be.

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