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The Beginning...

Michael Vanover, CEO

Michael Vanover, President and CEO

In the year 2000, Kash Vanover and his two sons, Gregg and Michael, brainstormed an idea which blossomed into a business. On a 120-acre farm just east of Petroleum, Indiana, Clean Fuels National started in a single-room office. With Kash manning the phones and Gregg and Michael completing the field work via the company’s first and, at that time, only truck, the Vanovers found they were offering a solution to a problem which tank owners didn't know they had. The results spoke for themselves. Clean fuel meant fewer fuel filter changes for the customer, leading to decreased expense on their end; clean fuel meant farm tractors ran better; clean fuel meant happier customers. Clean Fuels National had cemented itself, doing so extremely well and right out of the gate.

What began with one truck and the sometimes painstaking, physical grind of blood, sweat and tears which are synonymous with young, startup business, Clean Fuels National has grown to become the largest filtration and tank cleaning company in the United States. The bedrock of Clean Fuels National lies in the close-knit support of the surrounding community, encouraging the Vanovers and their company every step of the way. The scope of the business has grown from east to west, coast to coast, proudly serving some of the country’s largest retailers and fleets in the entire United States not to mention the smallest mom-and- pop stations dotting rural U.S.A.

Michael Vanover now serves as President and CEO; brother Gregg, Vice President; and Kash is enjoying the retired life, although he stops by the office from time to time just to say hello. Although the company got its humble start among the cornfields of Northeastern Indiana, the company remains family owned and now employs other Vanover family members as well as the addition of more than 95 full and part-time employees.

We are proud of the work we do, of what our family has built. As such, we understand the importance of a name and of the reputation that accompanies that name. Each and every day we strive to maintain that positive reputation which, as you know, is the most inexpensive—yet most effective—advertising any company can boast. We protect the school buses and tractors that rely on clean diesel fuel; we work closely with highway departments. From the small generator tanks of our nations’ hospitals to the busiest truck stops along the largest interstates, Clean Fuels National guarantees that the fuel that leaves your tanks is the absolute cleanest that it ever could be. This is our pledge to you, or you don’t pay. Period. 

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