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Guarding Your Fuel Supply: Grotamar® 71
The Ultimate Solution for Microbial Contamination

A Proud Distributor Grotamarr® 71
A Diesel Fuel Preservative

When microbial contamination has infiltrated your fuel supply, the judicious use of biocide is recommended.

Grotamar® 71, from Schülke, is a liquid biocide preservative for diesel fuels that rapidly kills and controls microbial contamination. Grotamar® 71 has a broad, balanced spectrum of effects (including sulfate-reducing bacteria), as well as outstanding anti-corrosive properties. Grotamar® 71 has good solubility in both diesel fuel and water. Grotamar® 71 contains no nitrate, nitrosing agents, or organically bound chlorine – therefore it does not affect the AOX value. Grotamar® 71 is a safe, long-lasting preservative with a proven history of effective use for over 50 years.

This product is exceptional at eliminating biological contamination in diesel tanks, but killing the microorganism is only part of the solution. When these organisms die off, they create catastrophic particulate problems within the tank, thus; treatment with biocide must be followed with a thorough tank cleaning and fuel filtration.

If you suspect microbial contamination, give us a call. If microbial contamination is detected during one of our visits, you will be alerted to this discovery and corrective measures can be taken.

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