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Worst of the Week! Volume 10

Welcome back to the “Worst of the Week.” It has been some time since our last post for which we apologize. That said, we have resolved to get this column posted on a more frequent schedule and are on our way to doing so. Anyway, back to the usual “sights” our technicians discovered while carrying out their work at sites throughout the lower 48 states. Here we go:

From ‘Beige’ to ‘Blue’: The Color Racing Fuel is SUPPOSED to Be

Some in the Petroleum Industry may not be aware that racing fuel is blue in color, bright blue in fact. Obviously, the before picture of this racing fuel sample was not, meaning no “high-performance” results were being achieved for those who had topped off their tanks with it. Thanks to CFN’s patented cleaning system and the highly-trained technicians operating it, the racing fuel was returned to its proper quality. For sure, race cars will now assuredly see their times on the track or in the quarter mile dramatically improving. Vroom vroom, indeed!

Exposed ATG Wires

The wiring on this ATG was exposed and very much an electrical hazard. Upon removing the ATG access, CFN technicians immediately discovered this issue—and then promptly resolved it.

Shear Valve in Very Sorry Shape

Really not sure what is going on in this picture other than the shear valve is being held together with a crescent wrench and zip ties. Maintenance was contacted—and contacted very quickly.

Underwater Sump

As a result of some substantial rainfall—not to mention a profusely leaking rubber boot—this sump was literally drowning. Vac trucks were dispatched to the site, but far more invasive maintenance was required to fix this severely compromised UST. Suffice it to say, the site owner was beyond thankful CFN technicians brought this problem to his attention.

Yes, this was a rough week for some of the sites we serviced. CFN cannot stress enough the need for site owners to contact us. By contacting a member of our qualified sales team (260) 346-2500, our crews are literally a phone call away. We look forward to serving you and helping you to, as our company motto reads:

“Prevent fuel and storage tank problems before they begin.”

Until next time…

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