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Restrictions Lifted on E-15: How Will You Be Impacted?

Today, there are approximately 122,000 service stations that sell fuel in the United States; of those a mere 1,430 currently sell E-15 fuel. As of May 30, however, the number of E-15 offerings is about to increase. On May 30, restrictions were lifted on the year-round sale of E-15 fuel, unleaded fuel that is blended with 15% ethanol. Removing the roadblock to year-round E-15 sales affords retailers more flexibility in offering the sale of this renewable biofuel. Prior to this decision being made, E-15 fuel could not be sold in all regions of the United States from June 1 – to September 15. Under the finalized expansion and the Environmental Protection Agency’s lifting these restrictions, however, E-15 will be allowed to be sold year-round rather than just the cooler eight months of the year. This is assuredly a victory for those in the biofuels industry, not to mention those service stations which required seasonal fuel transitions prior to the arrival of the warmer summer months. “The approval of year-round E-15 sales is an incredible milestone for the biofuels industry, and the result of over a decade of hard work by Growth Energy, our members, our congressional champions, and folks all across rural America who made their voices heard,” said Emily Skor, CEO of ethanol industry group Growth Energy, in a statement. “With year-round E-15, retailers will have the regulatory certainty they need to offer American drivers a cleaner, more affordable fuel choice throughout the year. This action also means savings for American motorists at the pump and a sorely needed market for farmers who are facing a devastating economic downturn.” With the approval and advent of year-round E-15 sales, there is some concern that the increased level of ethanol might lead to corrosion within the components of a storage tank system. That said, what better time to have your tank components inspected and fuel tank thoroughly cleaned. Give Clean Fuels National a call today and we’ll ensure your station is prepared for this transition: (260) 346-2500. The peace of mind you receive will be well worth the investment. We look forward to your call.

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