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Worst of the Week! Volume 9

Travels to sites across the country produced yet another stellar collection of “Worst of the Week” recipients. With anticipation assuredly growing, let’s dive into this week’s submissions.

Bucket of Yuck

Proof that this UST was dirty lies right here in the picture as nearly an entire 5-gallon bucket of rust and sludge was removed from this tank. Without question, the slow flow problems that this site owner was experiencing were a result of this rusty mess.

Gas Rags Times Three

More often than not, when a gas rag finds its way into a fuel tank the culprit is a sloppy fuel delivery. Careless delivery drivers will insert a fuel rag into a hose to limit fuel from dripping out; but then the driver will forget that the rag was ever in there. And when the hose is hooked to the fill at the next station, the rag will be pumped into a tank right along with the fuel. Apparently, this was a common problem last week judging by the three rags found at three different locations.

Corroded Cap Threads

The riser cap on this ATG has certainly seen better days. The threads on the cap are so badly corroded that it will not adequately tighten. Obviously, site maintenance had to be contacted to fix this problem. All that to be said, a little housekeeping would have gone a long way to ensure this problem never would have taken place.

STP Sump Taking on Water

There are two glaring problems with this STP sump and the STP within it. First: the sump had a drum full of water pumped from it and it was still taking on water. Second: it was nearly rusted to the point that the bolts holding it in place could hardly be removed. Again, never neglect checking out the quality of your sumps—if you don’t, the costs in the long run will only further add up.

Here is yet another adventure into the world of storage tanks and the dirtiness that can unfortunately collect in and around them. And chances are there will be another round of exceptional entries next time. Until then…

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