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Worst of the Week! Volume 4

Another week of CFN tank cleaning produced some real “gems” at locations across the country. Hold on while we take a closer, albeit more ugly look at these winners.

Sludge under STP

It’s amazing what we find when we open and access an STP well. This large amount of rust and sludge had obviously been collecting for some time at this southern location. Following an annual CFN housekeeping plan would have avoided this occurrence.

Rusted Riser

Any water in and/or around an STP riser is a bad issue. Without question, water has infiltrated this one, leading to the rust-filled tank component seen here. Station owners must attempt to ensure water is not infiltrating their wells or water will enter tanks and begin to phase fuel. Fortunately if phased fuel does take place, CFN’s patented phase remediation program will remedy the problem, saving you costs and additional problems.

Microbial at STP Base

Microbial growth has collected on the base of this STP which clearly must have been causing slow flow issues. A thorough biocide treatment was applied, thus solving the problem for this southern station. CFN crews carry biocide on all of their trucks for cases like this which unexpectedly arise.

Troublesome STP Well

This STP well has definitely seen better days. The sidewalls are layered with sand; wires are heading in all different directions; liquid has collected in the well. This is a triple threat which all point to problems. Download our free Housekeeping Guide for tips on how to avoid your wells from reaching this point. Or better, contact CFN directly.

Ugly ATG Access

ATG accesses are meant to be clean AND dry. This access has an oily water mixture which has collected at the cap level. Based on this, the water is certainly leaking into the tank, welcoming problems on top of problems. Avoid water at all cost.

Here you go; another week in the books. We cannot stress it enough: CFN maintenance will help keep your station at the level you want it to be. Until next week…

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