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Record Rainfall and Your Fueling Station

If you reside in or around the Midwest, you have had a front-row seat to the never ending rainfall which has seemingly been a daily occurrence. Record-setting amounts of rain have plagued the region, causing widespread flooding and displacing residents throughout middle America. Saying the rain has caused a mess for countless Americans is an assured understatement.

Another sector experiencing pain from the ongoing precipitation are the many C-stores and service stations that comprise the area. These locations are dealing with rampant site and fuel-related issues, most notably phased fuel. Phased fuel can wreak havoc on a vehicle’s engine, leading to fouled-out plugs, sluggish vehicle performance, vehicle stalling and even completely ruined engines. Yes, phased fuel is an extremely bad occurrence to hit your site, and, if not resolved, could literally ruin your business.

Fortunately, Clean Fuels National has an answer to phased fuel: a patented system which remediates—or salvages—the once-phased fuel, thus returning it to sellable quality. And being that our home office is centrally located in the heart of the Midwest, our response time can be immediate. Further, our team of technicians have all been professionally trained on both the patented process and patented system that Clean Fuels utilizes to remediate phase-separated fuel. If phased fuel is discovered within your tank, it will be fixed and done so in a single visit. And if for some unlikely reason watery, phased fuel is once again found to be in your tank, our technicians will also once again return to remedy the problem or you do not pay until it has. That is our guarantee…and we proudly stand behind it.

It bears repeating that Clean Fuels National is THE ONLY COMPANY that can remediate phased fuel in the successful fashion that we do. We are THE ONLY COMPANY that has a government-issued patent on the system we utilize to remediate phased fuel. And we are THE ONLY COMPANY that has the success rate that we do in remediating phased fuel—fuel that would have otherwise been an unsalvageable and very expensive loss for the site owner.

Like all other people, we very much would like the excessive rainfall to cease. In the event it hangs on, however, know that Clean Fuels National is here to get your watery, phased fuel back up and pumping. We are simply a phone call away: (260) 346-2500.

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