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Who's Testing Your Fuel Quality?

Why is fuel sampling such an important issue to all of us in the petroleum industry? Easy: because the vast majority of all fuel is, at least to some degree, dirty. That’s simply a fact of life. No matter how careful and cautious one is, fuel stored in an underground storage tank can become contaminated. So, all pessimism aside, just what can be done to keep these fuel issues from becoming a long-term problem? The answer: sample your fuel…and do so today.

And just whom should one contact to have his or her fuel sampled? The answer: Fuel Quality Testing. The technicians of Fuel Quality Testing, a division of Clean Fuels National, sample fuel and do so by way of a “bacon bomb.” A bacon bomb is a device used to obtain fuel samples—AND tank samples—from deep within the bottom of an underground storage tank. Once obtained, the sample is analyzed by these trained technicians. They examine particulate, sediment, signs of microbial growth and other visible matter which is present in the fuel sample. In some instances, an infected sample is sent to one of our laboratories for a more in-depth evaluation with the results then being confidentially reported to the station owners themselves. The entire process ensures a complete analysis of the fuel within an underground storage tank—not to mention the UST itself.

And as eluded to, bacon bombs can also obtain tank samples. Chances are, if a fuel is contaminated, the tank which houses it is as well and is, therefore, in need of a thorough tank cleaning. Enter the services of Clean Fuels National. Clean Fuels National can follow up a visit from the Fuel Quality Testing technicians as soon as possible. Thus, it is apparent that the services of FQT and CFN go hand in hand. Exceptional customer service is their unified objective—and each customer is assured of that commitment each and every time. This ensures your dollars—and your station’s reputation—are saved all at the same time.

By having your fuel sampled and sampled frequently, you will be doing your absolute best to ensure your customers will be receiving the best quality fuel possible. Moreover, you will be avoiding added costs incurred from frequent filter changes, slower flow rates, and dispensers being potentially shut-down. No one wants to lose money, so protect your pocketbook by having your fuel sampled today.

Our Fuel Quality Testing division is always here to help. Contact them today: (260) 346-2500.

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