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Your Microbial Problem is Worse Than You Think

Microbial contamination and the negative effects it has on storage tanks and their related components is a well-known phenomenon to those in the Petroleum Industry. Microbial grows, festers and attacks all aspects of a tank, causing tank damage and, in some instances, the need for complete tank replacement. As recently as the first week of February, Clean Fuels National technicians have uncovered microbial contamination—sometimes very substantial contamination—at sites in all corners of the country. In other words, microbial does not discriminate—it can and will attack at any site, in any geographical location and at any time.

In order to prevent microbial contamination and combat the formation of it once it has been discovered, Clean Fuels National has always treated tanks with a proven, anti-microbial additive. This additive attacks microbial contamination by killing it and, thus, saving a tank from further damage and needed, costly repair. Of course, it’s imperative that the leftover remnants of killed microbial be removed from affected tanks through a complete and thorough tank cleaning. This ensures the now-dead microbial does not lead to clogged dispenser filters and, far worse, it does not enter a customer’s vehicle. This much-needed step is a best practice which CFN has established over their years treating this nasty, albeit common tank infection.

But even with nearly two decades fighting microbial growth, Clean Fuels National has developed anything but a complacent approach to attacking and defeating microbial. In fact, early this year CFN has begun utilizing state-of-the-art microbial sampling and testing technology which far exceeds anything the company has ever used since its 2001 inception. With the aid of ATP (Adenosine Triphosphate), the primary energy carrier in all living organisms, microbial cells included, CFN technicians are provided an instant measure of the total microbiological population in any given fuel sample. Yes, this testing technology is an absolute game changer for CFN.

How it works: a fuel sample is procured and immediately tested for the presence of microbial contamination. Within five minutes, the results of that test are provided, meaning on-site technicians are capable of determining the source or root cause of that contamination as well as how best to mitigate it. More simply put, what used to take days and even weeks, the Clean Fuels National technicians can complete on-site, in a matter of minutes and without ever leaving the site. In other words, everything can be completed in a single visit. Again, less time wasted on future tests and subsequent visits, meaning more time for the site to be operational and pumping—both pumping fuel and pumping up a site owner’s bottom lines.

Clean Fuels National is beyond excited to share this new, game-changing technology with you, knowing full well it will do nothing but pay dividends right out of the gate. Microbial contamination is a difficult threat to diagnose. So, do yourself a favor and contact us in order to keep your site clean and free from microbial-related issues. We will be happy to assist you today.

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