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Worst of the Week! Volume 8

Greetings from frigid, cold, blustery Petroleum, Indiana. But even with the “Polar Vortex” the country is presently facing, the Clean Fuels National crews remain out on the road, fixing and remedying storage tanks and dirty and frequently watered-down fuel. All that said, however, our techs have encountered some “doozies” while working this past week, some of which we’ll share with you now.

Broken Street Lid

When the snow begins to fly, snow plows are dispatched to clear parking lots and roads, ensuring safe travels for all motorists. A common problem, though, is when snowplow drivers fail to lift their blades up while clearing service station lots and their plows crack and break street lids. That’s what happened to the street lid in this picture. And, yes, this is a very easy fix which should have been fixed long before our technicians arrived. Thanks to the CFN crew at this location, the broken lid has now been replaced.

Before and After Images

It is common knowledge that Clean Fuels National is the best fuel tank cleaning and fuel filtering company in the entire United States. And these four before and after pictures are proof of that fact. Black to clear; light to dark—it’s all represented here. It is absolutely amazing what a patented cleaning system and professionally-trained, hard- working technicians can do. Well done, gentlemen; well done, indeed.

Cracked STP Turbine

Any STP Turbine that is not in perfect condition is a potential recipe for disaster. This one is no different. Fortunately for this site owner, CFN technicians pull nearly every STP on tanks on which they work. They alerted the site maintenance to the issue, and the STP turbine is now on its way to being fixed.

Frozen Fuel Filter

Now I’m not trying to jinx things, but it is near impossible for fuel to freeze…unless, of course, it has water in it. Obviously, this tank had a significant amount of water in it judging by the ice-packed dispenser filter our technicians removed. Yes, a little preventative maintenance would have saved this site owner a substantial amount of money.

Well, that’s it for this installment. Be sure and stay on top of your tank maintenance and call us BEFORE you have problems; keep your thermostats turned up and your sweaters and sweatshirts on; and know that, even though it seems like it’s forever away, Spring will arrive…at some point anyhow. Until next time.

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