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Worst of the Week! Volume 7

Welcome back, loyal readers. We hope everyone had a tremendous Christmas! CFN brings you yet another installment of this popular column with all three images hailing from sites located in the Eastern United States. Here we go.

Before and After Regular Unleaded Fuel Samples

These side-by-side fuel samples visually exhibit the cleaning and filtering power of the patented Clean Fuels National system. What was once black in color is now as clear as water. The pictures clearly don’t lie.

Double Fuel Rags in Diesel Tank

Of course it’s bad when a fuel rag finds its way into a tank. But what’s worse is when there are two.

The site located in the South was the one guilty of this problem which was assuredly caused by a careless delivery driver. Fortunately, the CFN crew caught the problem before any serious problems resulted.

Unsealed Monitor Cap

Like all tank components, monitor caps are to be seated in a level position and completely sealed. Obviously, this monitor cap fails on both accounts. As expected, the defective monitor cap was promptly replaced, thus fixing the problem and mitigating the possibility of further water intrusion to the UST.

Whether in the North, South, East or West, tank issues can—AND will—arise. Do your part to keep your site problem-free by contacting us. We are glad to complete this work in order to ensure your site remains in operation and your site’s reputation intact. Until next time.

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