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Happy Anniversary, Phase Patent!

A little more than two years ago, Clean Fuels National was awarded a governmental patent for the company’s:

“Method of Removing Phase Separated Fuel From Underground And Above-Ground Storage Tanks”

—the only company in the entire United States which can boast such an honor. Clean Fuels National President and CEO, Michael K. Vanover, developed the now-patented phase remediation process while working in the field, about the time Indiana was being encouraged to convert unleaded fuels to E-10. Vanover instinctually saw the need for such a process; but inventing a system and developing it from prototype to finished design required an unknown amount of time and financial investment. But Vanover was not about to be outdone…and the end results speak for themselves.

Since being awarded the patent in November 2016, Clean Fuels’ technicians have remediated an unbelievable 8.75 million gallons of phase-separated fuel—not to mention millions of gallons more prior to the patent formally being issued. Before phase remediation, phased fuel was lost fuel; therefore, the unsellable fuel had to be disposed of, causing a financial strain to the site owners and, more importantly, an ecological strain on the environment. Thus, Vanover’s system was simultaneously solving two major problems, both of which had never even been so much as an afterthought in the not-too-distant past.

Although the official savings in customer revenue totals in the millions upon millions of dollars, the impact our phase remediation technology has directly had on the environment is what is truly incalculable. The glaring ecological footprint our environment was suffering was commonplace in the past; but no longer thanks to Vanover’s foresight and intuitiveness. If there’s such a thing as an “altruistic gamechanger” in the Petroleum Industry, Vanover and his patented invention truly epitomize it.

Without question, we take a great deal of pride in knowing we are the only company in the country who has developed and utilize this phase remediation system. We are humbled by the appreciation our customers extend to us for saving them money. And most importantly, we are proud of the fact we are preserving and protecting the environment that we all love and share through simply doing our job. These are anniversary gifts enough.

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