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Worst of the Week! Volume 6

Now that the thrills of the election have come and gone, the country is getting back to normal. Elections aside, in the fuel tank cleaning business, dirty tanks never take a break which is why we are sharing the next installment of the Worst of the Week. Here we go:

Northwest, Filthy STP Well

This Northwestern diesel tank’s STP well has experienced a level of filth buildup which rivals any. Corrosion, bent components, haywire wires, and debris all contribute to this messy well. Neglected tanks are prone to these issues, so be sure and keep up with them.

Southern U.S.A., Fuel Rag Inside Turbine

We are still not sure what to make of this rag-infested turbine. Fuel rags do, on occasion, enter a tank after a fuel drop. But this rag has a wire which appears to be bound to the turbine intake itself, almost as if it were done on purpose. Very crazy. Very weird. AND very suspicious.

East Coast, Broken Monitor in Need of Replacement

Checking tank components is vital as this monitor can attest. It is long past needing to be replaced. Site owners must keep on top of these costly components or complete systems can fail in VERY expensive ways.

Here you go—three more winners. As these pictures prove, regular tank and tank component maintenance are vital to your operation. Never allow your site to reach such a startling point. Give us a call today and we’ll ensure that never happens to you. Until next time…

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