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Cheaper Gas This Holiday Season?

As most are unaware, there is a clear distinction between summer and winter fuel—other than the price difference at the pump. Summer fuel is, on the average, more expensive than winter fuel. But this price increase is not simply a reflection of the miles people are driving, as the majority of driver odometers turn faster during summer months. The real difference between summer and winter fuels deals specifically with how it’s blended. Fuel blending takes place during the early production stage while fuel is still being refined. That said, let’s compare summer and winter fuel blends and determine why gas is, in fact, cheaper for the holidays.

The primary difference between summer and winter gasoline blends is that winter-blended gas has a higher Reid Vapor Pressure or RVP. Generally speaking, gasoline with a higher RVP evaporates more quickly. This is ideal for drivers during colder weather, because higher RVP gas does not require higher temperatures to evaporate. Thus, one should generally have no problem starting his or her engine and having it run smoothly during the winter months as the gasoline will ignite more easily in the colder temperatures. Further, winter fuel blends take less time to be refined, leading to an overall less expensive consumer cost. During the warmer summer months, however, winter gasoline blends can evaporate too rapidly. This increased evaporation rate (also known as volatility) contributes to ground-level ozone which in turn contributes to smog and respiratory problems such as congestion, coughing, and chest pains—major problems for both humans and the environment alike.

To avoid these problems, summer gasoline blends are refined with a significantly lower RVP. True, this increases both the time and cost of producing this fuel blend—which ultimately gets passed on to the consumer when fueling up at the pump—but summer-blended gasoline does result in slightly better gas mileage. And for those long vacation trips, added miles per gallon are always welcomed.

So, during these colder, winter months, we will see—AND have already seen—cheaper gas prices due to the varying RVP levels of the fuel. Regardless, fuel RVP level does not affect the work Clean Fuels National performs. Our patented cleaning system functions completely the same whether in the depths of winter or during the most humid days of summer. And, further, you can be sure all the fuels we clean are of pristine quality and provide the utmost dependability for your vehicle’s performance. This is our guarantee. Contact us today and allow us to showcase our services firsthand: (260) 346-2500.

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