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Worst of the Week! Volume 5

This week, our winning entries span over half the United States. Like Tuesday’s election, let’s see why the top four images were fortunate enough to stand alone on the podium.

Pennsylvania, Before and After

This side-by-side picture visually shows the impact a Clean Fuels National tank cleaning can have on fuel regardless of its grade. This diesel sample taken from the Northeast clearly shows an ink black before picture with a clear and pristine after one. Our patented system is responsible for this dramatic transformation in color…and overall quality.

Texas, Mud and Sludge

If you have never seen a filter overflowing with mud and sludge from the bottom of a tank, you can now mark that off your list. Sites such as this who neglect the maintenance of their tanks are susceptible to the buildup of this filth and muck. Fortunately, CFN intervened and removed the nastiness.

N. Carolina, Unmovable Yoke

After repeated attempts, even our strongest technicians were unable to remove this yoke at an East Coast location. It’s amazing what corrosion and an overall lack of housekeeping can do to a site’s equipment.

Iowa, Microbial

Microbial-infested diesel fuel produced this blob of living matter. If left untreated, microbial growth can spread uncontrollably, completely infecting all parts of the tank and its vital components. Fortunately for this Midwestern site, CFN caught the infection and mitigated the problem.

And the winners are: these four entries. Although election contenders vie to win, one never wants to win in this aforementioned race. In other words, work to avoid this podium. See you next time.

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