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Is Your Kerosene Ready For The Customers Who Depend On It?

As all of us know, kerosene is a fuel which tends to only be utilized during colder months. After all, it’s a heating fuel of course. As a fuel, kerosene must be stored somewhere until it is needed with that somewhere typically being an underground storage tank. But what happens when a kerosene tank becomes contaminated, and those who depend on the fuel within it are literally left in the cold? Let’s take a closer look.

One of the primary usages of kerosene is for smaller, stand-alone heating units. These heaters tend to augment heat supplies stemming from electric, baseboard heaters. But for some, kerosene heaters are the lone heat supply for each room in the entire family home. If the heater goes down, additional sweaters and blankets come out, with each family member hoping those extra layers will provide sufficient warmth. Thus, it’s of utmost importance the kerosene fuel they purchase is clean and will not jeopardize the dependability of these heating units.

The leading cause of defective diesel is water. Water causes myriad issues for kerosene fuel such as microbial growth, tank sludge, and bio-film formation. Yes, water infiltration into fuel tanks is responsible for all of these problems…and more.

But, that said, what are station owners to do in order to ensure their kerosene is ready to be sold to their customers—literally right now when it’s needed the most? The answer: contact Clean Fuels National. Clean Fuels National’s team of highly-trained technicians will sample your kerosene and test it for its overall quality. If pristine fuel is not returned or if the fuel is contaminated with microbial, sludge, or any other organism, a healthy treatment of biocide will be added followed by a complete and thorough tank cleaning and fuel filtration. Unlike others in the industry, our patented tank-cleaning system simultaneously cleans your tank and filters your fuel in a single visit, saving you time and money. Not only is this good business, but it’s an absolute necessity for your customers. The colder months are here, and kerosene is in high demand. Do your part to ensure your customers will be spending the upcoming holidays in a warm, comfortable home rather than the cold, chilly alternative. After all, they deserve it. Give us a call today: 260-346-2500.

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