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Worst of the Week! Volume 3

Welcome to the third installment of the Clean Fuels National “Worst of the Week.” As per usual, the “winners” did not disappoint.

3. Debris-filled ATG well in Midwestern diesel tank

Any amount of debris in an ATG well poses problems for the fuel tank it is located within. That said, this ATG from a Midwestern diesel tank is long past due for a thorough cleaning. A Clean Fuels National Housekeeping Plan could help avoid your ATG wells from reaching this point.

2. Heavy amount of contaminate (particulate) removed from 5K diesel tank

This picture verifies that above ground tanks can become filled with contaminate just as underground tanks can as well. Buckets and buckets of contaminate were pulled from this very dirty tank. Ensure your tanks don’t reach this level of dirtiness by contacting us.

1. ATG in desperate need of attention at Southern site

If neglected, ATGs themselves can fail, and this one is nearing that point. The ATG probe has turned white with corrosion; conduit and conduit sleeves are separating and exposing the wires inside them; other ancillary components are in varying degrees of disrepair. Clean Fuels National has located this ATG problem, but site maintenance will definitely need to address it. Contact us before this happens to you.

Another week of unsightly pictures. Stay ahead of potential tank issues by calling the professionals at Clean Fuels National. You will be happy you did.

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