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The Worst of the Week! Volume 2

In the Carolinas, Hurricane Florence came and went, leaving mass flooding and immeasurable damage in its wake. The cleanup will be widespread—homes, roads, trees, fuel tanks—just to name a few. Hopefully, the cleanup will be swift and complete.

The hurricane aside, let's take a look at some of the nastiest problems we've found this week!

#3 - Filthy Fuel!

A service station in the South, produced this heavy, particulate-laden, rust-colored fuel in the left picture. A major problem for fuel filters! Fortunately, the crystal-clear result of CFN’s efforts are visible on the right. Changing filters too often? CFN’s Housekeeping Plan can help!

#2 - Corroded STP

Corrosion in a fuel tank led to the rust buildup beneath this STP. If corrosion is found on an STP, it certainly will be making its way in your customers’ tanks! Avoid the problem before it strikes by contacting us.

#1 - Ruined Threads

A Midwestern station had neglected its tank maintenance so badly that it led to this result. The corroded threads on the monitor cap were in such poor shape that they could not be used. Maintaining a quality housekeeping program can keep issues like this away from your business - if you need help be sure to check out our free Housekeeping Guide.

Hope you've enjoyed this installment of the Worst of the Week. Clean Fuels National and its patented cleaning system can help you avoid similar results. We look forward to hearing from you soon!

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