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The Worst of the Week!

What a week! While we're getting geared up for storm damage on the East Coast, we've been handling all sorts of nasty tank issues in the rest of the country as well. Here are three of the worst offenders we found!

#3 - Sludge!

Some really nasty sludge in the Southwest. Gross! Presence of nasty, heavy sludge in filters causes slow flow rates and potential damage to STPs. Keeping a close eye on your filters is a key part of any good housekeeping plan, and this is why!

#2 - Phased Fuel

Found in the Midwest, we see some very obvious phase separation at work in our left sample picture, and after CFN service in the right. A potential catastrophe if it makes its way through your system and in to customer or fleet vehicles. Phase is a huge problem, but it doesn't have to be - Patented Clean Fuels National technology can remedy phased fuel quickly and painlessly.

#1 - One Nasty STP

The only visible component of the STP in this photo is the leak detector—everything else is covered in mud, dirt and other debris. Neglect like this is a sure way to cause equipment damage and costly repairs. This is yet another reason why proper housekeeping is imperative to your fuel operation. Download a free Clean Fuels National Housekeeping Checklist to help ensure this doesn't happen to you.

We've hope you've enjoyed our "Worst of the Week." Be sure to tune in next time for a whole new batch of some of Clean Fuels National's most egregious tank issues! If you think your fuel operation might have some of the issues displayed here, we can help! Contact us today: (260) 346-2500.

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