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Deep in the Heart of Texas

As the majority—if not all—Americans are well aware, EVERYTHING is bigger in Texas. In fact, this May, members of the Dallas Cowboys cheerleading squad; NFL Hall of Fame Defensive End, Charles Haley; a handful of local beer breweries; AND a Clean Fuels National service truck descended on the great city of San Antonio. And the reason for this “larger than life” gathering: the 2018 Southwest Fuel and Convenience Expo—one of the largest trade shows in the entire Petroleum and Convenience Store Industries.

Of course, Clean Fuels National is not exactly synonymous with cheerleaders, Hall of Fame football players or beer brewers; but Clean Fuels National is particularly well known in the Petroleum Industry due in large part to its professional reputation and significant national footprint in the Petroleum market.

That said, it comes as no surprise that we at Clean Fuels National have a genuine, deep-seated relationship with the second largest state in the union. We love its home-cooked, fall-of-the-bone barbecue ribs, its seemingly never-ceasing sunshine, its agricultural and livestock industry, and, of course, its many service stations that our company cleans on a nearly weekly basis. Yes, everything is, in fact, BIGGER in Texas—and so is the LARGE presence of Clean Fuels National.

Speaking to those ends, just last year Clean Fuels National joined efforts with longstanding, Texas powerhouse, Petroleum Solutions, Inc. (PSI), who has been in service for 48 years, to offer our tank cleaning expertise to their already impressive list of services. Our respective companies complement one another quite well, thanks in large part to our reputable, 18years in the Petroleum Industry and, even more importantly, our attention to detail and unwavering customer service. As PSI was also an exhibitor at the Expo, it was great for the Clean Fuels’ team to reconnect with PSI employees of PSI and extend a hand to a fellow partner in the Industry.

Although our trucks are almost always in Texas cleaning tanks, this time at the Expo we showcased the most recent addition to our fleet – the newest truck, outfitted with our logos, awaiting the installation of our patented filtration system. In addition to this company truck being present, our dedicated sales team was also well represented, revisiting existing relationships and, just as importantly, establishing new ones.

It’s more than safe to say Clean Fuels National experienced a great time in San Antonio this year. We look forward to finding more reasons—excuses, really—to spend a few additional days in Texas; and you can be sure we will be back at the Expo in 2019. As we previously established: EVERYTHING is BIGGER in Texas. And we anticipate that Clean Fuels National will be, too.

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