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Clean Fuels National and our Nation’s Military Veterans - Providing Opportunity for Service Members

This month, the Northern Indiana Marion Healthcare System VA hosted its sixth annual job fair. More than 70 area businesses were present to introduce their respective companies, while at the same time accepting resumes and applications. The sole attendees of the job fair were any military veteran and/or their family members.

Not only was the job fair’s purpose to present employment opportunities to those who had valiantly served our country, but the event also presented a significant and valuable opportunity for veterans to network with area businesses and HR representatives; gain access to training and professional skill development; and even receive assistance improving and updating their resumes. In addition to these services, many booths presented information regarding how veterans may obtain educational benefits, gain assistance with procuring acceptable housing as well as receive professional counsel in navigating healthcare services—valuable assistance to any individual, not just American veterans.

With immense pride, Clean Fuels National was honored to have had an employment booth at this event—a booth that garnered many visitors and employment applications. Clean Fuels National will always hold our nation’s veterans in the highest esteem. In fact, Kash Vanover the former CEO of Clean Fuels National (from 2000 to 2008), proudly served his country as a member of the United States Army’s 82nd Airborne Division and 77th Special Forces. Moreover, many Clean Fuels’ employees have served in the military, and we are always proud to employ another veteran.

Clean Fuels National came to the VA job fair with the intent of procuring new technicians as our fleet is continuously expanding. Each of our crew members are trained, one-on-one, with a lead technician, thus receiving thorough on-the-job experience from their first day on the job. Further, Clean Fuels National offers competitive pay, medical and dental benefits, 401K, and unlimited opportunities to travel the country.

All that to be said, if you or someone you know would like the opportunity to work for Clean Fuels National, please contact the corporate office at: 260.346.2500 or submit an application through our website: We look forward to both hearing from you and, more importantly, meeting you.

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