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Buy Indiana Expo!

Clean Fuels National, from the very beginning, has been an Indiana company. In our earliest days, we were reaching out to our friends and neighbors and finding ways to help, mostly through cleaning their local farm tanks. Today, nearly two decades later, our crews routinely work all over the country with our vision set on the ever-broadening horizon. That said, however, we never lose sight of where we came from, because, as we know, Indiana is and ever will be home, sweet home.

Speaking of those Indiana roots, this past week Clean Fuels National was happy to have an opportunity to connect with other Indiana businesses from across the state. The 21 st annual “Buy Indiana Expo” was held at the French Lick Resort and Casino on Tuesday, April 10 th . Sponsored by the Naval Surface Warfare Center in Crane, IN, the Expo was intended to “align Hoosier companies with unique opportunities to expand their business through contract with government centers.”

While the Expo’s focus may have been to shed light on the intersection between government contracts and local businesses, Clean Fuels always looks for ways to connect with our neighbors, bolster other Indiana businesses and network with other Hoosiers. In that regard, suffice it to say, the event was a tremendous success.

The work we do at Clean Fuels National touches a number of industries and businesses—metalworking, plastics, aviation, healthcare—the list goes on. We work with schools, hospitals, airports, marinas—essentially any industry that stores fuel in some capacity and, therefore, needs that fuel cleaned. And, of course, we still clean farm tanks.

By the look on their faces, both Paul and Matt (pictured below) enjoyed their visit to the “Buy Indiana Expo.” And based on their respective smiles, they ensure Clean Fuels National will be back again in 2019!

Clean Fuels National sales associates, Paul Lagemann (left) and Matt Peterson (right), representing the Clean Fuels’ team at the 2019 “Buy Indiana Expo.”

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