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Winter Storms Don't Stop Clean Fuels National

Winter Storm Inga barreled through the Southeastern United States, leaving many areas—the majority of which typically unaccustomed to heavy snow and ice—in a cold, slippery state. In fact at one hotel in North Carolina, several truck drivers were told to remain off the roads due to the treacherous driving conditions. And to make matters worse, a state of emergency was declared, leaving very few vehicles on the roads at all.

That said, however, one over-the-road truck driver cautiously ventured out onto the roads. Prior to his departure and to his surprise, the driver happened to send the Clean Fuels National home office a picture: the photo being a picture of a Clean Fuels truck, partially hidden behind snow-covered palm branches, preparing to depart themselves for a jobsite in North Carolina. And that picture further solidified the deep reputation Clean Fuels boasts: that nothing will stand in our way of completing our very important work that is vital to the customers who depend on us.

We at Clean Fuels National know that regardless of what the weather is doing—and sometimes because of what the weather is doing—you our vital customers need to keep your pumps and generators running. Your businesses do not stop because of a snowstorm, and neither do we. Clean Fuels National is prepared to go the distance to honor our commitment to our customers regardless of what the elements throw at us.

And further, it isn’t just that Clean Fuels National is prepared to brave the snow and ice—for we know that the real threat to a fuel supply often comes after the storm passes, when temperatures rise and the snow begins to melt. The freezing—and now melting—ice has weakened the seals on your access points; rising groundwater begins to seep into your sumps; and before you know it, you are dealing with ugly phase separation, soggy diesel and pumps out of service. All of these are examples of bottom-line reducing factors that can deplete profits and possibly even ruin your store.

In other words, as warmer temperatures begin to arrive, keep an eye on your fuel supply…and keep Clean Fuels National in mind. Up in Northeastern Indiana, we don’t usually start worrying about the phase-separation epidemic for a couple more months. However, when winter storms strike our Southern neighbors, we know that water in tanks is a serious and timely byproduct which needs to be addressed—and addressed yesterday. Nothing sends the wrong message faster than a pump that’s out of service. So don’t wait! A little water can become a BIG problem! Whether the problem is water in diesel tanks, allowing for rampant microbial growth, or water infiltration in ethanol-blended fuel leading to phase separation, the Clean Fuels National team is on-call and ready to help. And if you are worried about a repeat problem, we stand ready to help you put together a housekeeping protocol that can save you further headaches in the future. Give us a call—any day, any time—rain or shine…OR snow.

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