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New Year “Fuel Tank” Resolutions: Steps for Achieving a More Profitable 2018 Calendar Year

Steps for Achieving a More Profitable 2018 Calendar Year It’s that time for New Year’s resolutions. New year, new you, right? Time for new habits and better routines. While you’re blending your kale smoothie and lacing up your running shoes, take a minute and think about another kind of health—the health of your fueling system. While we are working on being healthier, faster, stronger individuals, let’s take a look at some New Year “fuel” resolutions.

Healthier Nobody wants a fuel tank with the case of the sniffles. Microorganism can do a number on your body’s health and they can wreak havoc on a fuel supply as well. That said, it may be the time to boost your tank’s immune system. Just like you’d wash your hands to keep germs out of your body, keep your tank accesses clean to keep bugs out of your tank. That’s how water sneaks in, and, as we all know, tank microbes thrive when water accumulates. So, clean those accesses! Check for tight fitting caps, sturdy seals and dry sumps.

Have some bugs moving in? Time for a measured dose of medicine. Just like a prescription can be a ticket to a healthier body, sometimes biocide is needed to correct an ugly contamination in your fuel.

And if you are completely unsure of what is ailing your tank, simply give us a call. Clean Fuels National is very familiar with all types of tank troubles, from clogging filters to fungus invasions. Our team can identify the culprit that’s undermining your tank’s health.

Faster Runners and sprinters are not the only individuals with a need for speed, the men and women fueling up at your pumps have places to go and tasks to check off as well. And a leisurely fill-up is usually not on their list of wants and needs for the day. Are customers taking a bit too long to fill up? Are lines forming at your pumps? Many of us vow to work on our tempers for the new year, but don’t count on customer patience when delays at fueling pumps affect customers’ schedules. Everybody wants a fast flow rates when filling up their tanks. Slow flow rates are often the harbinger of much murkier problems looming in your tank; therefore, it is always best to respond to these problems seriously and proactively rather than taking an alternative approach. Further, it comes as no surprise that clean fuel and fresh filters make for faster fueling, and, likewise, faster fueling equates to happier customers. What’s more, it means MORE happier customers because of faster turnover during peak hours. Fast fuel, happy customers, steady revenue: all add up to a recipe for a good day. So this year, promise to aim for faster fueling. We can help you do that, too.

Stronger Flex those maintenance muscles. The EPA has beefed up inspection schedules. And while it may seem like these new regulations are a hassle, the truth is they really are a positive factor for station owners. A thorough check-up schedule stops contamination in its tracks, prevents water infiltration, keeps equipment running smoothly and helps to minimize the number of ugly surprises that can devastate a fueling station. PEI has issued their recommended protocol, which coincides with the EPA regulations, and is a great idea for anybody maintaining a fuel supply. Not sure where to start? We can help. Afraid to look at what’s brewing under the canopy? We’ll check it out for you and help ensure your compliance with this new mandate. Every step of the way, Clean Fuels National is here for you and ready to assist in any way we can. From ensuring worry-free station grand openings, to ramping up existing inspection routines, and everything in between, we are the one-stop shop for instilling fuel quality assurance. Let’s resolve to start this new year out on the right foot, with a promise to achieve a healthier, faster, stronger—and more profitable—fuel system. Clean Fuels National is ready to get your tank on the right track. Here’s to a great 2018!

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