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Top 4 Reasons You Should Have Your Tank Cleaned

All of us are guilty of ignoring something until it becomes a big problem. Whether it’s late fees on a Redbox DVD or a persistent cough, sometimes we’d just rather let something slide than face the facts head-on. But you can’t keep your head in the sand forever and, sooner or later, it comes time to fix the problem. Your fuel storage system is no different. You might be able to ignore what is brewing or settling in your tanks for a while; but, before you know it, you have a very big problem on your hands. So, that said, we at Clean Fuels National offer four reasons why you should consider our expert team of technicians to handle the work for you and, in turn, offer you a worry-free, hands-off approach to your overall fuel tank maintenance.

#4 Frequent Filter Changes

Sure, this sounds harmless enough—it is JUST a simple filter change, right? However, if you are changing filters faster than normal just to keep your normal, day-to-day operations functioning, there is a good possibility something is awry. Not only is frequent filter change a symptom of a much larger problem needing to be addressed, as far as your overall bottom line is concerned it can really add up and add up fast.

#3 Slow Flow Rates

Again, this might seem like a pretty tame problem to have—is it really that big of a deal if it takes your customers a few extra minutes to fill up? Well, consider this: a few more

minutes for a typical customer to fill up means that, as that initial customer’s pump is occupied for a longer period of time, now fewer customers can fill up during potentially peak hours. How many

customers are you losing because there is a line at YOUR station, but not at the one across the street? How many customers are you losing because one must take more time out of his or her lunch break standing at a pump that has a slow flow—whereas the station down the street has a consistently fast flow? It all adds up to one thing: fewer customers for you and your station which, most importantly, equates to lost revenue.

#2 Wear and Tear on Equipment

Let’s face it—the profit margins on fuel are so slim one cannot afford the exorbitant repair costs a station can incur when bad fuel starts wreaking havoc on its equipment. For instance, due to an unpr

edicted wet spell in the forecast as was the case with our country’s recent hurricanes down south, the excess water begins to spill into your tank. As a result of that water being introduced, microbes begin forming and festering, attacking your tank from the inside out. Before you know it, you have a layer of caustic sludge eating away at your tank, your pumps, your monitor, and even your dispensers. And the worst part is this destructive activity is all happening within your tank and, therefore, out of sight. When equipment breaks down, it must be repaired—sometimes even replaced—and those costs add up thus eroding an already narrow profit margin.

And the number one reason having your tank cleaned is so vital for your stations…

#1 Your Reputation

We cannot stress this enough. At Clean Fuels National, we have built our reputation by protecting yours. Cleaning your fuel is quick, easy and painless; recovering from a blow to your reputation is not. Unfortunately, we have seen this happen—a station owner lets fuel quality slide and, at least initially, it seems like things are going to be fine. Then the complaints start rolling in: cars begin stalling on the station lot, motorists become stranded shortly after pulling onto the adjacent street, and the next thing you know, a news van shows up, plastering your poorly-performing and damaging station all over the news. As we know, people blame station management when their vehicles are damaged by bad fuel, and, guess what, they will never purchase fuel there again. When a customer buys your product or pays for your service, it is an accepting vote of confidence, trusting that the product you are selling your customers will not jeopardize or fail them in successfully navigating their travels. If you violate that unofficial trust contract, it is near impossible to earn it back.

On the side of every Clean Fuels National truck it reads: “Preventing Fuel and Storage Tank Problems – Before they Begin!”. And we stand behind that motto. We would rather prevent a problem as opposed to repairing the damage caused by a neglected tank issue. We pride ourselves on being the primary resource in the petroleum industry, and the first company you contact if a maintenance or tank question arises. If you find yourself in this situation or would like to discuss being added to our list of maintenance stations, give us a call: 260-346-2500. Any time, any day, we are happy to help and serve you and your customers.

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