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Hurricanes and Phase Separation

Since the onslaught of Hurricane Irma, recent news stories coming out of Florida and Georgia revealed the vast majority of gas stations throughout the hurricane-impacted area are facing state shutdowns as result of water infiltration. Similarly yet unfortunately, this mirrors the familiar scenario in Texas in the aftermath of Hurricane Harvey. As a result of Harvey, consumers were warned to cautiously look for signs that their vehicle was suffering from water-lade gasoline. The same is true for Floridians as they readjust to their lives post-Irma. Our customers, likewise, are keeping their respective eyes out for phase separation—the chemical phenomenon when fuel and water separate from one another.

In Texas, Clean Fuels National was able to save over 600,000 gallons of phase-separated fuel in just two weeks following the torrential flooding and heavy rainfall of Hurricane Harvey. When Clean Fuels National started implementing its patented phase remediation techniques, many customers were surprised to find that phase-separated fuel was not lost product—so, too, their bottom lines and bank accounts.

Instead of paying to have the “bad fuel” removed and disposed of, and then incurring the additional expense of having a new fuel load delivered, station owners were pleased to discover that Clean Fuels National already possessed the laboratory methods needed to return that separated fuel back to a quality condition, at or above spec.

Clean Fuels National has saved literally millions of gallons of phase-separated product from the waste stream, saving our customers both money and headaches.

As gas stations across the Southeastern United States, especially those in Florida and Georgia, discover that massive amounts of rainfall have found a way into their fuel storage systems, the fear of customer complaints and state showdowns loom. Obviously, in light of having already dealt with the hurricane itself, the last thing station owners need is an additional anxiety. In other words, at Clean Fuels National we urge our customers—and all station owners—to be proactive.

In order to ensure lost revenue stemming from angry customers and state-mandated shutdowns is not

incurred, inspect your fuel sumps as well as the condition of your fuel. Are your blended fuels looking cloudy? Has phase separation already occurred? Put more bluntly and from a dollars and cents perspective, do not wait for your pumps to be bagged off and customer complaints to start rolling in.

Rest assured though, if your tank is affected we can help. Our trucks are already stationed in Florida and in Georgia; our technicians are working hard and around the clock; and our sales reps are standing by to handle incoming calls, ready to assist you in a moment’s notice. Clean Fuels National isn't just another “tank cleaning company"—we are family owned, rooted in the United States, having built our reputation by protecting yours.

Give us call with any questions, any day—or time—of the week. We look forward to both assisting and serving you, our customers.

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