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Contaminated Fuel Discovered By Management

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Winter rain was the likely culprit of the water contamination in a premium tank in Tarzana, California. Premium tanks are particularly susceptible to phase separation because they are often maintained with lower fuel levels than regular unleaded. Lower fuel levels mean less water is required to induce phase separation.

Moti Balyan, manager of the station, estimates between 20 and 40 customers purchased the fuel before he shut the pumps off. One customer’s vehicle barely made it off the lot before the engine stalled.

Not only is this station paying for all the repairs to customers’ vehicles, the consequences of an unfortunate series of events like these can be long lasting. Customers with a negative experience are very unlikely to return for repeat business. Once trust has been damaged, it is difficult to rebuild.

With more winter weather on the way, more water threatens the stability of your blended fuels. Routine maintenance is a must, but emergencies happen. Phase separation can strike any time, day or night – and Clean Fuels National is ready to get you back in business. Have a problem with your supply? Give us a call! 260-346-2500

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