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Georgia Pumps Shut Down For Weeks

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The premium pumps at a Camilla, GA station have been shut down for a month. The Department of Agriculture tested the fuel and found water contamination.

The station owner told local news he thought the culprit was a load of bad fuel. The most common culprit it leaky tank accesses - standing water in a well will find its way into a tank.

Unfortunately, the station owner felt he was forced to pay a company to empty the tank and bought a new load of fuel.

Tuesday morning, the Department of Agriculture gave the station the green light to reopen premium pumps.

Especially with the amount of rain and snow-melt we’ve been experiencing lately, it is crucial to monitor your tanks for water infiltration. This is especially true of premium tanks, where fuel levels are often low and just a small amount of water contamination can cause phase separation.

Proper housekeeping and vigilant product monitoring can forestall many fuel quality problems.

Has water found its way into your fuel supply? Don’t scrap valuable product – our phase separation remediation technology is patented and laboratory tested, proven to bring out of spec fuel back up to a quality product.

Call us at 260-346-2500 for more information.

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