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Cars Break Down After Filling Up With Bad Gas at GA Station

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A gas station in Decatur, Georgia is finding out firsthand the unfortunate consequences of poor fuel quality. Several customers reported filling up at the station only to have serious engine problems later.

Soon after complaints were made, the Georgia Department of Agriculture inspected the stations pumps and sent samples to a lab to be tested. The reported that the product “does not meet ASTM specifications…sample contains water and bottom sediment.” These finding resulted in a failed pump that was shut down immediately.

Although the quality issues were handled, the ramifications of selling fuel of low quality to even a handful of customers can have lasting effects. At least one woman who filled up with the contaminated fuel said she will never go back to that station. It is likely that the other customers who had negative experiences will also hesitate to return, even after the fuel has been cleaned and the water removed. The unfortunate experiences of these customers created negative publicity for the station and increases the chances that other people will avoid that station in the future.

This is why it is crucial to be proactive about fuel quality and water contamination. The first step is good housekeeping and maintenance, keeping water out of the tank to begin with. The second step is to monitor fuel quality with a preventative maintenance program and thirdly, to correct problems before they cause catastrophic engine damage in customers’ vehicles.

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