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Clean Fuels National Welcomes New Marketing Manager, Jessica Montgomery

Updated: Jan 3

Petroleum, IN — January 14, 2022 — Clean Fuels National, American-owned and the largest petroleum tank cleaning company in the United States, is pleased to announce that Jessica Montgomery has joined the company’s management team as Marketing Manager. Jessica will be responsible for further developing and executing client-centric marketing strategies that drive targeted growth.

Jessica joins Clean Fuels National with over nine years of experience in sales and marketing and five years in the petroleum industry. At Clean Fuels National, Jessica will help lead the team’s efforts in exploring new opportunities and information delivery methods. Clean Fuels National has been growing at a stalwart pace and is positioned to continue providing the most reliable service money can buy.

“I will never take credit for the success of the company I own. Those accolades belong with the team that God blessed me to lead. All teams have a balance and anything you add or take away has a consequence. Jessica’s skill sets will integrate into our structure with laser precision and add to an already robust foundation,” stated Michael K. Vanover, CEO.

Clean Fuels National was founded in 2000 and primarily serviced small agriculture and equipment tanks. Quickly noticing a much larger industry need, ownership scaled up, adapted, and began serving any industry with a tank cleaning need. Clean Fuels National’s footprint has grown to encompass the entire nation and is one of the most trusted names in the petroleum industry. Clean Fuels National proudly remains family-owned and is the largest, most dedicated tank cleaning company in the United States.

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