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Phase Separation Remediation

Phase separation

Most gasoline on the market today has been blended with ethanol – an alcohol most often derived from corn or sugar cane.  Typically, these blended fuels contain approximately 10-15% ethanol.  E-85, on the other hand, contains 85% ethanol.  As a result, this addition of ethanol allows the fuel to absorb more water than gasoline alone.

Chemically speaking, a molecule of ethanol contains a carbon end that prefers to associate with fuel and a hydroxyl end that prefers to associate with water.  In low concentrations of water, the ethanol will stay in solution with the fuel.  As water saturation increases, however, the ethanol’s affinity to the water overrides its association with the fuel and the ethanol falls out of solution.  This creates an ethanol-water layer on bottom and a reduced-octane fuel layer on top.  This occurrence is phase separation.  Like a vinaigrette dressing before it is shaken, two distinct layers are created.

Before (left) and After (right) of our Phase Separation Remediation

There was a time when phase-separated fuel was a loss–the fuel was pumped out and the tank owner was responsible for paying for the fuel's disposal.  This is NOT what you should do!  Rather contact us. In November 2016, Clean Fuels National was granted a government-issued patent for the company’s:


“Method of Removing Phase Separated Fuel From Underground And Above-Ground Storage Tanks” (November 29, 2016).


More generally speaking, Clean Fuels National is the only company in the fuel filtration industry that can both PERFORM and PROVIDE such a service. Moreover, we can reclaim your phased product; perform onsite re-blending; get your fuel back into spec; and get your station back up and running.  Thankfully to our customers, phased product is NOT lost product!


A rigorous maintenance program can save you the expense of dealing with phased fuel, the downtime from a state shut-down and the lost revenue stemming from angry and frustrated customers.  Most often, the culprit when it comes to water infiltration is leaking caps or damaged or missing gaskets:  small repairs that can save you potentially lots and lots of money.  Water in your sumps can easily become water in your tanks.  Clean Fuels National routinely checks for these unseen occurrences during our preventative maintenance visits.  By keeping a watchful eye on your fuel storage system, you can prevent an emergency.


If you have phase separated product, we can help.  If you do not have phase separated product, we can help keep it that way.  Call us today and let us show you why we are the largest company specializing in fuel quality assurance—and how we have the patent hardware to prove it.  


Our Phase Remediation Program sets the standard in the industry.  Our proprietary, lab tested techniques can reclaim your phased product, get your tank back up to spec and your fuel back on the market.  Have a phased tank?  Call us right now – our team of dedicated sales representatives can get you back on track!

Call Our Team, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year : 260-346-2500

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